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Each day of this 365 day devotional was birthed after a time of Holy Communion. On every page you will fine a fresh ‘in season’ word, designed to minister life and answers. A truly heaven sent way to start every day.

FRESH MANNA | Gary V. Johnson

Price - $24.95

Spiritual warfare is much different than what most people think. On a personal level it’s not about what takes place in the heavenlies, it’s about what is happening in your mind. Your mind is what connects you to either the physical, or spiritual side of life. When you put your mind on something you open up your spirit to it, you contact it. In this ‘adult’ content book the author deals with the dangers of pornography and covetousness revealing that although warfare is often messy and is never easy (on your flesh), victory can be achieved and maintained, if we are willing to yield to the Lord and His plan. He has a ‘way to escape’ and His mercy and grace are at your disposal.

MIND DETOXIFY | Gary V. Johnson

Price - $12.95

TRUST | Gary V. Johnson

Gary Johnson examines the importance of developing and maintaining a relationship of trust with the Men of God the Lord brings into our lives. You will see how every miracle we receive from God requires both a trust in God and a trust in the Man of God. You will see how a violation of either of these two areas of trust will nullify the working of the Spirit in our lives. When you are done you will be a position to push forward into a new realm of the blessings of God.


Price - $12.95

WHY GOD? | Gary V. Johnson

Price - $12.95

Gary takes a bold, head-on look at some of the areas that many preachers shy away from. He deals

powerfully and scripturally with such subjects as ‘who causes death’, ‘how long should a Christian

expect to live’, and ‘are parents part of the cause of early death of their children.’ A book of answers for

the spiritually mature.



Price - $12.95

Gary shares some key biblical insights for going to the next level. You will learn how your vision will

prophesy your future. How integrity can protect you. How your words will open doors. How to forgive

those who have hurt you. This book is a road map to a better life.



Price - $12.95

What happens when a Christian sins? Is the act of sinning of no consequence because we are under

grace, or is there a negative conclusion to it? This book is a ‘must read’ for saint and sinner alike. The

author digs deep into scripture to show us the holiness of God, the sneaky tactics of the devil and the

eternal consequences of sin. The joy in discovering the power of repentance is truly a gift from God.



Price - $12.95

Step by step Gary V. Johnson reveals proven biblical principles answering questions such as. What is

the currency of heaven? What is the true purpose of the tithe? Where should the pastor pay his tithe?

What about firstfruits? Insights into how to walk in authority, the power of forgiveness and the role

integrity and honor play in bringing increase.



Price - $12.95

Jesus taught us that the way you treat his ministers is the way you treat him. The Jews were convinced

that when you receive the Man of God you are receiving the Shekinah, the anointing that’s on his life.

You’re literally connecting to that power just by receiving him. Connecting to and staying connected to

the Shekinah is what this book is all about.



Price - $12.95

A recession is a period of time when the general economic activity of an area is marked by a decline.

Recessions can be both economic, or biological in nature, but are all designed to place people in a

holding pattern. If the devil cannot stop you altogether, then he will try to contain you, to keep you from

entering into the prosperity God has planned for you. In this book you will find 172 separate scriptures

that deal with God’s plan for you. It is a commentary on biblical prosperity and how the enter into it.



Price - $12.95

Using 2 Peter 1:1-10 as a text Gary Johnson unveils biblical truths for success. Each of these truths

represents a rung on the ladder of success. When properly applied you will know the ‘secret to never

falling’ as you climb to the summit of success in your Christian life.



Price - $12.95

God wants to demonstrate Himself. But He must work through people who will cooperate with His Word

and Spirit. This book is dedicated to all those who hunger to see an increase of God’s presence and

power poured out in the lives of people all over this world. You’ll learn three valuable keys to unlock-

ing the manifested power of God in your life.


GOD WILL DO IT FOR YOU | Gary V. Johnson

Price - $12.95

The principles of increase taught in the book are guaranteed to work. Tested in the REAL world, by

REAL people, producing REAL results. I am so convinced of this, that if after you have read and applied these principles, if you do not see increase in your life, simply return the book and we’ll give you your money back with no questions asked.


JEHOVAH TOO MUCH | Gary V. Johnson

Price - $12.95

What you will read in this book as all ‘Book of Acts’ style ministry. In fact, several of the stories will

remind you of those earliest disciples - how God led them, how they stuck together, and how God did

the impossible through them. See how God will always come through with the goods and not only take

care of us, but help us to help others.


YOU ARE RICH | Gary V. Johnson

Price - $12.95

Being in want and having lack is a symptom of poverty but not a true indicator. In this book Gary Johnson examines the subject of prosperity from the understanding of redemption. You’ll take a ‘poverty test’, examine the true purpose for money and learn how to flow in supernatural partnership.



Price - $12.95

In this book Gary examines the seven different heart's motivations necessary for success in ministry.

The craftsman, businessman, shepherd, carpenter, soldier, athlete and farmer.



Description / Curriculum

Price - $39.95

Please allow time for delivery. Usually ships within 4-6 weeks. Taxes are included, and shipping + handling will be an additional $1.25 CAD for each item you are ordering.

1st  Semester  Courses

1.1 The Blood Covenant (14 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

A detailed look at the covenants of Obedience, Protection, Promise, Law and Blood. As well as a close look at the Feasts of Israel which teach us step by step how to experience the Peace, Power and Rest of God.

Price - $39.95

1.2 The Integrity of The Word (6 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

A look at the formation and integrity of God’s Word with a discussion on the principal of probability. In addition we talk about the importance of the integrity of our word.

Price - $39.95

1.3 The Gift of Repentance (8 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

How does repentance apply in this dispensation of Grace? Can a Christian sin? Does a Christian need to repent? What is an unpardonable sin? The killing of Cain by Able. The judgment of Ananias & Sapphira and the attack on Job are all examined in this eye opening subject.

Price - $39.95

1.4 The Principles of Faith (14 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

An examination of the simplicity and power of faith in God. How it comes. How it can be activated, as well as detailing essential keys to building strong faith.

Price - $39.95

1.5 The Authority of The Believer (11 hours)| Gary V. Johnson

An examination of the simplicity and power of faith in God. How it comes. How it can be activated, as well as detailing essential keys to building strong faith.

Price - $39.95

1.6 Healing Dynamics (16 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

How you can receive and minister healing. Spiritual and practical steps to walking in divine health. A look at Psalm 91 and an examination of Paul’s thorn in the flesh, Job and Trophimus

Price - $39.95

1.7 Spirit, Soul & Body (9 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

Recognize the difference between spirit, soul and body as well as learning how to grow and flow with the Spirit, renew the mind and discipline the body.

Price - $39.95

1.8 The Power of Prayer (7 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

Twelve steps to a sure answer.

Price - $39.95

1.9 The Supernatural (13 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

Understanding the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit & angels. The infilling and gifts of the Holy Spirit are examined as well as a look into the kingdom of darkness.

Price - $39.95

1.10 Living To Give (17 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

Understanding biblical contentment. Uprooting the spirit of poverty. Eye opening revelations on the tithe. The laws of the harvest. How to position yourself to receive the wealth of the wicked and a look at why giving is not producing a return in some believers lives.

Price - $39.95

1.11 The Christian Family (8 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

The roles of husband, wife and children. Insights for singles as well as principles for building a strong Christian Family.


Price - $39.95

2nd  Semester  Courses

2.1 The Wisdom of God (14 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

A look at the difference between and inner workings of knowledge, understanding and wisdom. An examination of the importance and benefits of the wisdom of God with an emphasis on developing discernment.

Price - $39.95

2.2  The Kingdom of God (8 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

In this priority adjusting subject we examine a number of Jesus’ parables which reveal how we can operate in a realm where God’s will is fulfilled and His authority exercised.

Price - $39.95

2.3 The Five Fold Ministry (8 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

Examining the ministry of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor & Teacher.

Price - $39.95

2.4  Church Government (10 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

The structure of the local church with an examination of the roles of the pastor, elder & deacon. Understanding submission and a look at the different types of people in our church.

Price - $39.95

2.5 Church Administration (9 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

Lots of practical help to organize your time and resources. Additional insights regarding handling of personal and ministerial finances, church building programs and funding.

Price - $39.95

2.6 Excellence In Ministry (10 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

Developing and walking in the love of God. Six ways to check your leadings. Seven ways to perfect your ministry. The element of change. Keys to successful pastoral counseling and visitation.

Price - $39.95

2.7 Ministerial Ethics (8 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

Conflict resolution. Negotiations. An examination of why some people leave the church. How to handle hard situations. How to deal with stress and learn how to rest.

Price - $39.95

2.8 Worship (7 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

Insights on how to hear clearly and accurately the voice of the Lord. Praise, worship & song-leading. The laying on of hands. Weddings, funerals, water baptism, child dedication and the anointing.

Price - $39.95

2.9 Church Membership (4 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

Why it is important as we look at how we should be relating to one another through honor, acceptance, admonishment, serving, greeting, bearing, forbearing, submitting and encouraging.

Price - $39.95

2.10 Discipleship (6 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

Evangelism strategies as well as how to become and train disciples for the Lord.

Price - $39.95

2.11 Missions (7 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

The heart motivation necessary for success for both local and international missions. Cross cultural ministry and how to raise support.

Price - $39.95

2.12 The Book of Revelation (12 hours) | Gary V. Johnson

A verse by verse study.

Price - $39.95

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