Description / Curriculum

1st  Semester  Courses

1.1 The Blood Covenant (14 hours).

A detailed look at the covenants of Obedience, Protection, Promise, Law

and Blood. As well as a close look at the Feasts of Israel which teach us step by step how to experience the Peace, Power and Rest of God.


1.2 The Integrity of The Word (6 hours)

A look at the formation and integrity of God’s Word with a discussion on the principal of probability. In addition we talk about the importance of the integrity of our word.


1.3 The Gift of Repentance (8 hours).

How does repentance apply in this dispensation of Grace? Can a Christian sin? Does a Christian need to repent? What is an unpardonable sin? The killing of Cain by Able. The

judgment of Ananias & Sapphira and the attack on Job are all examined in this eye opening subject.


1.4 Principles of Faith (14 hours).

An examination of the simplicity and power of faith in God. How it comes.

How it can be activated, as well as detailing essential keys to building strong faith.

1.5 The Authority of The Believer (11 hours).

A look at how to activate the power of God in your life as we examine the Name of Jesus and the armor of God.

1.6 Healing Dynamics (16 hours).

How you can receive and minister healing. Spiritual and practical steps to walking in divine health. A look at Psalm 91 and an examination of Paul’s thorn in the flesh, Job and Trophimus.


1.7 Spirit, Soul & Body (9 hours).

Recognize the difference between spirit, soul and body as well as learning how to grow and flow with the Spirit, renew the mind and discipline the body.


1.8 The Power of Prayer (7 hours).

Twelve steps to a sure answer.


1.9 The Supernatural (13 hours).


Understanding the person and ministry of the Holy Spirit & angels. The infilling and gifts of the Holy Spirit are examined as well as a look into the kingdom of darkness.


1.10 Living To Give (17 hours).


Understanding biblical contentment. Uprooting the spirit of poverty. Eye opening revelations on the tithe. The laws of the harvest. How to position yourself to receive the wealth of the wicked and a look at why giving is not producing a return in some believers lives.


1.11 The Christian Family (8 hours).


The roles of husband, wife and children. Insights for singles as well as

principles for building a strong Christian Family.




2nd  Semester  Courses


2.1 The Wisdom of God (14 hours).


A look at the difference between and inner workings of knowledge, understanding and wisdom. An examination of the importance and benefits of the wisdom of God with an emphasis on developing discernment.


2.2  The Kingdom of God (8 hours).


In this priority adjusting subject we examine a number of Jesus’ parables which reveal how we can operate in a realm where God’s will is fulfilled and His authority exercised.


2.3 The Five Fold Ministry (8 hours).


Examining the ministry of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor & Teacher.


2.4  Church Government (10 hours).


The structure of the local church with an examination of the roles of the pastor, elder & deacon. Understanding submission and a look at the different types of people in our church.


2.5 Church Administration (9 hours).


Lots of practical help to organize your time and resources. Additional insights regarding handling of personal and ministerial finances, church building programs and funding.


2.6 Excellence In Ministry (10 hours).


Developing and walking in the love of God. Six ways to check your leadings. Seven ways to perfect your ministry. The element of change. Keys to successful pastoral counseling and visitation.


2.7 Ministerial Ethics (8 hours).


Conflict resolution. Negotiations. An examination of why some people leave the church. How to handle hard situations. How to deal with stress and learn how to rest.


2.8 Worship (7 hours).


Insights on how to hear clearly and accurately the voice of the Lord. Praise, worship & song-leading. The laying on of hands. Weddings, funerals, water baptism, child dedication and the anointing.


2.9 Church Membership (4 hours).


Why it is important as we look at how we should be relating to one another through honor, acceptance, admonishment, serving, greeting, bearing, forebearing, submitting and encouraging.


2.10 Discipleship (6 hours).


Evangelism strategies as well as how to become and train disciples for the Lord.


2.11 Missions (7 hours).


The heart motivation necessary for success for both local and international missions.

Cross cultural ministry and how to raise support.


2.12 The Book of Revelation (12 hours).


A verse by verse study.



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