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Thank you for your interest in our
Correspondence Course.


I will take a moment  and try to briefly answer some frequently asked questions for you. When you are ready to proceed, simply click on the link below to begin filling out our easy to use application form.


The premise of our mission and spiritual emphasis in the school.


We believe that God wants you to have complete victory in everything that you do.  As such, each subject is full of ‘practical’ theology to help you, teach you, and to get you there.  Our complete doctrinal statement can be found here - Click here to view our doctrinal statement.



How much does the school cost?


There are no tuition or registration fees required. The school operates on a free-will offering basis.  Large or small, a gift of any size will do.  We have freely received and so we freely give again, the principle of receiving a free-will offering both allows us to operate, and at at the same time provides you with an opportunity to exercise the primary and immeasurably vital practice of sowing into God's good ground, thereby allowing you to expect a harvest.


How does it work?


Please Note That - All lessons will be sent digitally to your email address.


1. Fill out the application making sure that we have your Full name and Complete postal mailing address, which are necessary for our records. Submit the application.

2. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from our office, which, you must respond to.

3. After your response, we will email you your first subject. The notes and test paper will come as a PDF

attachment. You will also receive a "g-drive" (Google Drive) link to access the course audio content.


4. Listen to the audio content as you follow along with your booklet and bible. Once you have listened to the lessons a few times (in order to absorb all the revelations) if you feel you are ready, you can take the test.


Try to do the test from memory, but if you need help, you can use your notes and bible to help you find

the answers.


5. Once you have completed your test, scan the paper and email it back to our office as a PDF. Then go to

the website and send a thanksgiving offering by accessing the DONATION tab.


The offering can be any size, but it is important, as it is one of the ways that you can access the anointing on this ministry. Once both your test paper and offering have been received we will process and send you your next subject.


Once all the subjects have been completed you will be issued a DIPLOMA.


Discipline yourself to complete at least one subject per month, but in order to stay as an active student,

you must complete each subject within no more than three months.


If you are ready then go ahead and complete the application now. We do welcome your participation


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