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Leadership Training Institute was birthed while Gary Johnson was on ministry assignment in the Philippines. The design and concept was to provide a method to serve as a short term bible school to help Christian leaders gain their ‘practical’ theology.


Leaders were needed "on the ground, now!" These leaders had no time to spend years in school learning something that may even never be used. What was developed, was our intense, short term, practical biblical teaching that could be applied and used in the ‘real’ world, producing ‘real’ results.


The school, which would come to be known as LTI, was at first, mobile, being hosted in numerous local churches before acquiring our own facility which ultimately came to be known as the "Storehouse”.  The Storehouse referenced in Malachi 3:10 is the place you come to for your feeding.  The Storehouse, is where you go to grow, leading ultimately to the ministry of equipping much needed leaders for the call, the Leadership Training Institute.


Our correspondence course contains all of our original LTI teachings and more.


Today, our desire is to help you grow to walk, equipped in every respect, trained and prepared in everything God has ordained for your life.


We welcome your participation.

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