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Thank you for your interest in our
Correspondence Course.


I will take a moment  and try to briefly answer some frequently asked questions for you. When you are ready to proceed, simply click on the link below to begin filling out our easy to use application form.


The premise of our mission and spiritual emphasis in the school.


We believe that God wants you to have complete victory in everything that you do.  As such, each subject is full of ‘practical’ theology to help you, teach you, and to get you there.  Our complete doctrinal statement can be found here - Click here to view our doctrinal statement.



How much does the school cost?


There are no tuition or registration fees required. The school operates on a free-will offering basis.  Large or small, a gift of any size will do.  We have freely received and so we freely give again, the principle of receiving a free-will offering both allows us to operate, and at at the same time provides you with an opportunity to exercise the primary and immeasurably vital practice of sowing into God's good ground, thereby allowing you to expect a harvest.


How does it work?


Once you have completed your registration you will receive through the mail your first lesson, “The Blood Covenant,” which, includes the audio lessons on MP3, our course booklet, test paper and a return envelope.


You will then study the subject and complete the course materials we provide you.  When you are ready, take the exam, then return the exam with a free-will offering (any size, any currency) to our ministry.  You will keep the materials as they are now yours to keep. After receiving and reviewing your submission, we will return your graded test paper to you along with the materials for your next subject.


Once all the subjects are completed you will receive your diploma.  That's it.  Very simple.


We are looking forward to working with you and we sincerely welcome your participation.


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